"Impacting Our World with the Love of Christ"


Christ Universal Church (CUC) - is the congregational ministry of Amazing Grace Ministries. CUC - is a community of believers who are committed to fellowship, worship and discipleship. We believe that God created us to live life in community... and we believe that we do this best, as we do life together. As a part of the CUC family, you will come to understand that "church" is so much more than a place that you go to or a service that you attend... prayerfully you will learn that it's about living life in community (common unity) with others where we care for and share with one another. You are welcome and invited to join us for our weekly Cell Church Fellowships for teaching, prayer, breaking of bread and fellowship, as well as, our monthly Corporate Worship & Training; as we gather to exalt Christ, edify one another, and evangelize the lost through worship and training. Opportunities are available for those who would like to join our ministry team as a Cell Church Leader, as we have a mandate to plant at least 49 cell churches across the southeastern states of SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA and TN, as well as, other region as the Holy Spirit directs. Check out our Paradise Village and Retreat Center which is designed to provide a place of rest, refuge and restoration for our members. Contact us to find out how you can participate in our "Mobilizing Believers Training Program"; which allows participants to study our online Associates Degree program @ $10.00 a course. Qualified graduates are eligible to apply for licensing 90 days after completion and join our ministry team as we... "Impact Our World with the Love of Christ".

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" For we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that we may declare the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness into His wonderful light." 

(1 Peter 2:9)


"This is how we edify one another".

Fellowship - The Biblical Greek word for fellowship is “koinonia.”  It is usually translated in English to “communion,” “fellowship,” “sharing in common” and “partake.” Another way of putting it is... you now have "common unity" with others. The usage of Greek words belonging to the koin-family refer primarily, though not invariably, to participation in something rather than to association with others, and there is often a possessive word (genitive) to indicate that in which one participates or shares. “sharing” or “fellowship” arises out of the common sharing of something tangible. This is Christian fellowship: sharing together in Christ. Many times, Scripture speaks of sharing or partaking in Christ together and the effects that it should have on us in practical ways. The Bible makes clear that our fellowship in Christ should lead to unity and a spirit of community. Each member is introduced to fellowship through our course entitled: "The Body of Christ."


"This is how we exalt Christ."

Worship - is the time when we gather as a corporate body to exalt Christ. It is more than a service, it is an act of submission that reflects the honor, majesty and presence of God in our midst. We strive to to create an atmosphere of worship where each person can hear from God and be heard of God and receive the joy, peace, strength, hope, encouragement and renewal that only God can give as we exalt Christ through teaching, prayer, praise, and worship. It doesn't matter whether there are two or two thousand gathered, as the presence of Christ is in the midst of those who gather in His name. Each member is introduced to the basic principles of worship through our "Principles of Christian Worship" course.


"This is how we evangelize the lost."

 building community

Building Community

Nurturing Relationships

 Making Disciples


Spiritual Growth

Staying Connected

Discipleship - was Jesus’ method of winning the world to Himself. In fact, Jesus converted very few people in His earth ministry in a clear-cut way. He literally staked His whole ministry on twelve men. As popular as He was during His earthly ministry, Jesus did not focus on the momentary applause of men but quietly poured His life in those who would multiply. Jesus was not trying to impress the crowd, but usher in a kingdom. We have seen that Jesus calls His followers to reproduce the example of training disciples to continue the mission of actively teaching and sharing the gospel. Each of our members are introduced into the community through our "Foundations for New Life" - New Members Orientation Course.


Our ministry model is centered around three key biblical principles: "fellowship", "worship" and  "discipleship". This allows us to build authentic and genuine relationships that edify one another and promote the Kingdom of God.

We are committed to helping one another to grow in grace and favor with God and man and the key principle that we use accomplish this task is... "LOVE". Love God, Love One Another, Love Yourself. It's All About LOVE!


At CUC, our focus is on building people; not buildings and we have a place for you. We believe in following the example of Christ, as He taught His early disciples that they must go and make disciples of all nations.And just as they we taught to cast their nets where the fish are, so must we have a vision to reach people where they are and this requires that we... "think, live and serve outside the box".


Our mission and mandate is to plant at least 49 Cell Churches and 7 Worship & Training Centers across the southeastern states of: SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA and TN and other regions as the Holy Spirit directs us to... "Impact Our World with the Love of Christ." 




We help people to grow by providing need based ministry, offering the opportunity for membership. Help them grow to maturity, so that they can then engage in the mission of impacting our world with the Love of Christ.




You are welcome and invited to connect with us as we plant new cell churches across: SC, FL, AL, MS, LA and TN, as well as, other regions as the Holy Spirit directs. Stay tuned as we develop our Paradise Village & Retreat Center in Georgia, which will serve as a gathering place for new and maturing believers to live, learn and grow,as well as a retirement village and retreat center for members. Come grow with us... we have a place for you!

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